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Compare gas and electricity prices using our utility price comparison site which searches all gas and electric companies in the UK. Find the best and cheapest gas and electricity deals fast.

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Utility price comparison - save on energy bills

How to save money on energy bills

Compare gas and electricity tariffs using the 100% impartial utility price comparison site - Switchomatic.

Compare utility rates

Switch suppliers for gas and electricity to profit from the cheapest utility bills. In less than 5 minutes.

Switch suppliers now!

Save money on energy bills quickly and easily. Once you request the supplier switch you don't need to do anything else!

Save money on energy

Best energy deals in the UK with SWITCHOMATIC!

Benefits of switching gas and electricity suppliers

Why should I compare gas and electricity prices?

On average UK households only switch energy providers every five years, usually when moving house! This means many home owners in the UK never receive the best energy deals.

The UK energy market is very competitive, which means energy suppliers are constantly releasing new tariffs to entice new customers. On average, five new gas and electricity tariffs are launched EVERY MONTH!

Save money on your utility bills!

The facts about tariffs and their cost effectiveness are startling.

One hundred percent of the best fixed price energy tariffs have been launched within the last six months.

This means if you haven't switched in the last six months you are guaranteed NOT to be on the best energy tariff.

Only 18% of households switch gas and electricity tariff every 12 months, so that means only 9% of households could possibly be on the most competitive energy tariff.

Switch energy providers for cheaper energy bills. IN FIVE MINUTES!

Switchomatic makes it easy for you to switch to the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs.

We provide a 100% impartial energy comparison service, providing you with a market-wide selection of energy tariffs that can help you save hundreds of pounds per year.

Savings of £300 or more are not uncommon, and you could save up to £453*!

What's more, switching suppliers or energy tariff is easy. Just fill out our quick and easy energy tariff comparison form and you'll be switched in no time.

Switching tariffs can take less than five minutes, and that includes searching for and selecting the best gas and electricity deals in the UK.

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