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Benefits of switching gas and electricity suppliers

Many pensioners are on a limited budget, and many find the hardship of paying their gas and electricity bills a significant and ever present issue. Pensioners are also one of the most at-risk groups in society during bouts of cold weather, with many pensioners opting to turn down the heating in order to save money! This is not the correct thing to do!

Almost all pensioners could benefit from switching their gas and electricity supplier to a more competitive tariff. If this is done regularly then the cost of heating the home and running essential electrical items will become much more manageable.

The first step to getting the cheapest gas and electricity for pensioners is to start an energy comparison, and switch on to a new tariff. This can easily be done with Switchomatic's 100% impartial energy comparison service.

All you have to do is enter your postcode in to the energy comparison form and enter a few details about your current energy supplier and your usage. You will then be provided with a list of suitable tariffs, almost all of which will be a much better deal. Switching is easy and involves NO PHYSICAL WORK at your home. It is simply an administrative change in terms of which company bills your for your gas and electricity.

So join the many pensioners who have already switched their gas and electricity on to a cheaper tariff and start your energy comparison now.

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Latest UK Tariffs

Fresh Fixed Price Feb 2017 v4

Released: 31st Jan 2016

  • Fixed energy prices until 28th February 2017.
  • Online billing- view your bills online.
  • Pay by Monthly Direct Debit.
  • Dual fuel and electric only - there is no gas option.
  • Early termination fees apply: £25 for gas, £25 for electricity (a total of £50 for dual fuel).
  • Extra Energy do not currently offer the Warm Home Discount.

No Standing Charge

Released: 29th Jan 2016

Why not compare M&S Energy tariffs against the other gas and electricity tariffs to see if you can get a cheaper deal on your gas or electricity bill.

Pioneer pre 13 Apr 2011

Released: 2nd Aug 2011


Released: 2nd Aug 2011

How to save on energy bills

Compare your existing gas and electricity tariffs using the 100% impartial Switchomatic energy comparison service.

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