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Benefits of switching gas and electricity suppliers

The Switchomatic articles area relates to UK energy services and the industry. We will offer tips to save on energy, where to find the best deal and how to quickly and easily make the switch.

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9th Jan 2019

Is variable or fixed rate electricity better?

Fixed rate or variable rate tariff - which should you choose? You can save a lot on energy bills if you watch the energy market and switch tariff regularly.

28th Dec 2018

Cheapest gas and electricity for pensioners

Many pensioners are on a limited budget and find the hardship of paying gas and electricity bills a significant and ever present issue.

24th Nov 2018

How to save money on energy bills

Gas and electricity bills are an unwelcome addition to monthly spend, especially over the winter months when more regular hot meals are prepared and thermostats are on full.

10th Feb 2016

Top tips for a smooth energy tariff switch

Mark Todd from EnergyHelpline gives us some top tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free energy tariff switch.

2nd Feb 2016

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26th Jan 2016

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24th Jan 2016

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24th Jan 2016

Switching Energy Tariffs - How It Works

Switching your gas or electricity supply to a cheaper energy tariff or supplier is very easy. The following is an overview of how the switching process works.

23rd Jan 2016

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22nd Jan 2016

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