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Benefits of switching gas and electricity suppliers

Cheapest gas and electricity for pensioners

Many pensioners are on a limited budget and find the hardship of paying gas and electricity bills a significant and ever present issue.

Cheapest gas and electricity for pensioners

Pensioners are one of the most at-risk groups in society during bouts of cold weather, with many pensioners opting to turn down the heating in order to save money.

Turning down the heating very slightly is a good idea to help keep costs down and help the environment, but if seniors live in the house please be very careful. 

According to ‘Rights4Seniors’ the temperature of the house must be above 18°c during the night, or there is an increased risk of hypothermia, stroke or heart attack. No one should go cold to save money. 

Even if you’re not on a tight budget, it still makes sense to benefit from the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs, which are frequently released on the energy market.

Regularly switching tariffs helps to keep the cost of heating the home and running essential electrical items more manageable. Switching could save hundreds of pounds per year.

Switching is really easy. To start the comparison simply enter your postcode on our form.


The best tariffs for pensioners

Energy companies release new tariffs frequently. They are priced according to geographical location, so we could never name the best tariff for you.

Our advice is to regularly check with Switchomatic’s price comparison website, to be sure you are getting the best possible rate for gas and electricity. 

You can even enter your email address on the form, and we will remind you to do a comparison every six months.

Energy discount schemes for pensioners

There are government run discount schemes for pensioners on a dual fuel (both gas and electricity) tariff.

Once you have shopped around and switched to the cheapest tariff in your area, contact the supplier to benefit from other discounts on the latest government scheme. The money is not paid to you directly, but discounted from your energy bills. 

Check the heating and housing benefit page on gov.uk for the latest information.

How to switch tariffs

The first step to getting the cheapest gas and electricity for pensioners is to start an energy comparison.

This can easily be done with Switchomatic's 100% impartial energy comparison service.

All you have to do is enter your postcode in to the energy comparison form and enter a few details about your current energy supplier and your usage.

You will then be provided with a list of suitable tariffs, almost all of which will be a much better deal.

Once you have chosen, click the button labeled "I want this plan". You will need to fill in your address details (all of which will be kept safe). Without you needing to do anything more, your bills will start to come from your new supplier.

So easy! And switiching involves no physical work at your home.

It is simply an administrative change in terms of which company bills you for your gas and electricity.

Join the many pensioners who have already switched their gas and electricity on to a cheaper tariff and start your energy comparison now.

Created: 29th Jan 2016, Last Modified: 13th Jan 2019, Switchomatic

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