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Benefits of switching gas and electricity suppliers

Switching Energy Tariffs - How It Works

Switching your gas or electricity supply to a cheaper energy tariff or supplier is very easy. The following is an overview of how the switching process works.

Remember: Nothing is physically done to your gas or electricity supply when you switch energy supplier or tariff - the process is purely an administrative one and NO WORK WILL BE CARRIED OUT at your property.

Step 1 - Your current gas and electricity supplier and tariff

The first thing you need to do is dig out your latest bill for your gas and/or electricity supply. On the energy bill it will tell you who your supplier is and what tariff you are on. You will need this information when comparing against other gas or electricity tariffs.

Now would also be a good time to check whether you are locked in to any fixed term with your current gas or electricity supplier. Energy suppliers often specify a minimum term that you must stay with them for, in exchange for a preferential rate on the energy tariff prices. If you are still within a fixed term period then check what the costs are for leaving early as it could still be worth your while to switch tariffs!

Step 2 - Enter your postcode on Switchomatic

In order to be able to provide you with a choice of available gas and electricity tariffs, we need to know roughly where you live. This is because different energy suppliers operate in different regions of the country. Don't worry though, a postcode is not enough to identify your actual address.

Step 3 - Enter your current gas and electricity tariff information

To be able to calculate estimated savings when switching to alternative gas and electricity tariffs, we need to know about your current tariff and how much you are spending. Enter this information in to the form - it only takes a moment. Then proceed to the next results screen.

Step 4 - View the best gas and electricity tariffs available in your area

On the results page you can see the best energy tariffs in your area. Each result contains various pieces of information about the tariffs, such as how much renewable energy it contains, what the fixed term might be, and of course, the important thing - how much you could save compared to your current energy tariff!

Browse the gas and electricity tariffs and choose one that you want. Don't forget choosing Dual Fuel tariffs is often the way to get the cheapest gas and electricity prices - energy suppliers love it if you get both of your fuels from them and consequently offer you the most attractive deals on your gas and electricity in the form of dual fuel tariffs.

Step 5 - Choose a tariff and proceed to switch your gas and electricity supplies

Once you've selected a better energy tariff than your current one, proceed through the remaining pages to complete the switch. Usually we just need your address, name and if you have chosen to pay by Direct Debit, your bank account number and sort code.

Step 6 - Sit back and relax - your gas and electricity tariffs will be switched for you

Once you've completed the tariff switch on Switchomatic, there is nothing further that you need to do, so sit back and relax, and start enjoying cheap gas and electricity bills!

Both the new and old energy suppliers will write to you to confirm the switch. You don't need to do anything at all, unless you have second thoughts and want to cancel the switch for any reason. You have plenty of time to think about it - the process can take up to 6 weeks to be completed.

That's it - the entire process of switching your gas and electricity tariffs to a cheaper energy supplier! It really is that simple, and can take you less than 10 minutes.

Once again, remember that NO WORK IS CARRIED OUT at your property and switching it simple a matter of changing who bills you for your energy supply - it may as well be the cheapest bill you can find of course!

Created: 24th Jan 2016, Last Modified: 28th Jan 2019, Switchomatic

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