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Millions of households across the UK are today facing further energy price rises. This weekend sees prices from two of the "big six" energy companies come in to effect.

npower and EDF energy price rises come in to force

Saturday 1st October sees npower's energy prices go up, with it's 3.3 millions customers seeing a £135 rise in their annual energy expenditure if on a standard dual fuel tariff.

Additionally, as of today, EDF has scrapped its cheapest dual fuel energy tariff for gas and electricity customers. The Fixed Saver Version 2 tariff (costing £1,009 per annum) did protect customers from any further price rises until September 2012, is no longer available to new energy customers.

Big energy providers withdraw cheapest energy tariffs

These latest moves mean that out of all of the "big six" energy providers, all of them have now implemented their price increases and withdrawn all of their cheapest energy tariffs.

Scottish Power is now offering the cheapest fixed price energy deal with its "Online Fixed Price Energy December 2012" energy tariff - which fixes energy bills until December next year.

Energy price rise double whammy hits millions of UK energy customers

Energy consumers are not happy at having to soak up this doubly whammy of prices rises from the big energy providers. The general consensus amongst the public is that the privatised energy market is clearly not working for them - with the evidence being regular and significant price rises to energy consumers, whilst large profits being announced by the big energy suppliers. The only people getting a good deal are the shareholders!

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Created: 30th Sep 2011, Last Modified: 10th Jan 2019, Switchomatic

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