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Big six complaints to hit new record of 6.5 million

Big Six Complaints to Hit New Record of 6.5 million / BG Results show their prices up 7%

"The big energy suppliers are unfortunately plumbing new depths in terms of customer complaints and are set to rack up a record 6.5 million complaints this year. This horrifying new statistic shows why so many people are leaving the big suppliers for small suppliers. The big suppliers who are racking up so many complaints need to sort out their act or will face the loss of millions of more customers deserting them.

“Centrica’s results show the continuing squeeze on households as they confirm British Gas prices are up by around 7% over the last year. They have reported that customers’ energy usage is down 15% yet bills are only down 8% (£100). If prices were static then bills would have come down 15% too. Research shows that the mild weather is not the only reason for a decrease in energy usage as affordability is a large factor for many cash strapped households.

"British Gas continues to lose customers with another 50,000 customers leaving last quarter. They are managing to stem losses and maintain margin at British Gas by offering low cost tariffs and acquiring customers through their spin off Sainsbury’s Energy brand. Many customers however continue to leave for small suppliers through price comparison services with 54% doing so through energyhelpline so far this month. This year the total is 66%. The number of households leaving the Big Six is expected to be around 1.5 million this year.”

Created: 20th Nov 2014, Last Modified: 7th Dec 2018, Switchomatic

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