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British Gas results show customers are switching off

Today’s news shows that customers are switching off their heating and switching off their custom from British Gas.

With such a warm winter, which impacted sales, coupled with a huge loss of customers, it’s little wonder that profits are down.

The British Gas results show that over 600,000 customers have left over the last year, as customers opt for cheaper smaller suppliers often with better service ratings. British Gas are now reaping the whirlwind of a huge customer backlash – profits are down, customers are down, their tariffs are uncompetitive and their service levels are below par. Our recent customer service survey showed them towards the bottom of the table (see below). The new boss Ian Conn has a huge job turning the ailing energy giant around.

With wholesale gas and electricity prices so low and increasing pressure from OFGEM for suppliers to pass on these falling costs to households, British Gas desperately need to give customers the price cut they deserve if they are to stop the customer exodus. At energyhelpline we calculate a 6% of £77 price cut could be given to dual fuel customers straight away.

If customers want to get a cheap tariff they are much better to take matters into their own hands and switch. Over 2 million people have done this since the autumn often saving around £300 on their bills. The smaller suppliers can offer savings of up to £326 a year today so why not take a few minutes to switch?

Created: 31st Jul 2014, Last Modified: 7th Dec 2018, Switchomatic

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