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End of the special Offers as Many of the UK’s Cheapest Energy Deals In UK Scrapped

switchomatic.co.uk warns of "relentless rise" in household bills ~

Consumers have today been dealt a triple whammy of energy price rises with many of the UK’s cheapest deals being axed which gives even more incentive to compare and switch energy providers.

The biggest blow came when British Gas scrapped its market-leading discounted £899-a-year discounted Websaver 8 tariff, replacing it with a new Websaver 9 offer of £979 an increase of 8.9%.

Ovo also increased its £926-a-year New Energy Fixed deal for electricity and gas to £948 but it still remains the cheapest fixed price best offer. The summer setback was completed when E.ON withdrew the second cheapest web tariff Save Online v2 of £883 a year and brought in Save Online v3 costing £894.

The independent price comparison website switchomatic.co.uk said the moves were further evidence of the “relentless rise” in household energy bills.

“The genie now appears to be out of the bottle after a succession of recent increases and special offer withdrawals among suppliers.

“This relentless rise is gathering momentum and we have seen in the past that when one major supplier blinks the rest follow suit.

“At this rate, households will be facing a winter of discontent.”

switchomatic.co.uk warned last week that consumers were facing price rises of 5-10 per cent in the New Year amid a backdrop of rising wholesale prices. The warning was sounded after npower replaced its low-cost fixed tariff Go Fix 2 deal costing £902 with Go Fix 3, an 18.5 per cent leap of £167 to £1,072. At the same time, EDF pulled its current cheapest online tariff Online [email protected] 6, costing £904 a year and replaced it with Online [email protected] 7, costing £967.

“This trend is the last thing people need with tax increases and spending cuts on the way and if the winter fuel allowance for pensioners is hit, we could be looking at a very bleak picture in the coming months.”

Created: 27th Oct 2010, Last Modified: 16th Feb 2016, Switchomatic

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