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Will the big energy suppliers drop their prices by 10%?

Earlier this year we saw wholesale gas prices collapse by 20 per cent. Now is the right time for suppliers to show their festive spirit, and pass this saving on to consumers. Whilst the big suppliers will be licking their lips at a potential New Year windfall of over a billion pounds in extra profits if they hold out and don't cut standard prices, this is a Scrooge-like act. We call out to the suppliers to have some Christmas compassion and pass significant price cuts on to loyal customers.

Loyal standard customers are receiving a double blow – high prices and no price guarantees – whereas energy switchers are getting much lower prices, often £200-£300 less, and price guarantees of one to two years. The great tragedy is that it is often the most vulnerable people living in the coldest homes who never switch.

This Christmas, if you haven’t switched your energy tariff recently then consider taking your custom elsewhere. In just five minutes you could switch and cut your bills by £200-£300 a year. Try it now with our quick and easy switching process.

Created: 24th Dec 2014, Last Modified: 7th Dec 2018, Switchomatic

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