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E.On to cut 500 jobs to keep energy prices low for customers

It has been announced today that energy company E.On is to cut 500 jobs from its head office in Coventry and its other base in Nottingham. E.On employs 12,000 people in the UK. Today's move is seen as a step towards managing its business in the current financial environment. All the job cuts are hoped to come from voluntary redundancies.

Cheaper gas and electricity?

E.On has stated that it is cutting the jobs from its workforce in order to keep running costs down - meaning it can keep energy bills as low as possible for domestic gas and electricity customers.

This sounds like good news in the wake of all the recent price rises from the big energy companies. However, it remains to be seen whether the money saved from these redundancies will ever be passed on to end customers, and as ever it is very hard to tell!

The best utility tariffs

E.On does offer some very competitive energy tariffs, and customers can often save money by switching to E.On energy tariffs. However, E.On is in stiff competition with the other big six gas and electricity companies so better deals may also be found elsewhere.

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You can find the best E.On tariffs, and those from all other energy suppliers, using the Switchomatic energy comparison service. Try it out now and see how much money you could save on your energy bills. The process is very quick and easy and switching energy suppliers can be done in a snap!

Created: 22nd Sep 2011, Last Modified: 7th Dec 2018, Switchomatic

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