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Ofgem propose simpler tariff structures for domestic customers

On 22nd September, Ofgem - the energy industry regulator, has announced proposals to simplify tariff structures to enable more transparency for domestic energy customers.

One standing charge for all UK energy customers

The proposals include a single standing charge for all suppliers and tariffs. Whilst this is a very effective solution for simplifying the UK energy market, it does potentially cause problems for some gas and electricity customers - those on low incomes and those who use very little energy for environmental reasons will be hit with the same standing charge for their energy bills as the millionaire in their mansion who consumes vast amounts of energy!

No more cheap online energy tariffs or green energy tariffs?

The proposals would also lead to the elimination of online specific tariffs and green energy specific tariffs, unless customers lock themselves in to a fixed term energy deal. Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, it does mean less flexibility for the energy customer and perhaps swaps one problem for another.


Regardless, any move to simplify the UK energy market must be welcomed - the current overly complex UK energy market really does leave the customer stranded - without services like Switchomatic, the end customer really does find it difficult to get themselves on to the best UK energy deal.

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Created: 25th Sep 2011, Last Modified: 7th Dec 2018, Switchomatic

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