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Sustainable cheap energy industry figures are set to convene at the 12th Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) in London next month.

Sustainable cheap energy industry figures are set to convene at the 12th Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) in London next month which is an exiting prospect as you will be more likely to find cheap green energy alternatives as a result to switch to and save money in the process.

The event will take place. September 20th and 21st and will feature key discussions and presentations on the European and global renewable financial markets.

Among the key discussion topics will be government energy budget cuts and climate change policy and to ensure the consumer get the best possible deal.

A number of leading industry figures will speak at the event, including the EU's Hans van Steen, Hermann Scheer, a German MP and chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy and Eddie O'Connor, chief executive of Mainstream Renewable Power.

Gerard Stahan, managing director of Euromoney, said the REFF has never been more relevant given the current climate.

"Renewables are no longer on the fringes of energy policy, nor their uptake driven primarily by climate change concerns," he said.

Mr Stahan added that the REFF provides a unique forum for examining the hard business facts upon which the sector will ultimately stand or fall.

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Created: 18th Feb 2011, Last Modified: 16th Feb 2016, Switchomatic

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