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Post code lottery - poorest areas have most un-affordable energy

Some of the poorest regions in the UK are paying the most for their energy

Last week, 186 MP’s across the UK openly supported the Energy Bill revolution’s Cold Homes Week. With this in mind, the overwhelming problem around the cost of energy bills is finally being acknowledged, and yet still not enough is being done to make the significant change the UK needs.

Energy companies backed the bill including; npower, SSE and E-on, and yet the Big Six are still charging consumers well over the odds for their standard tariffs that many loyal customers take. Warm words are one thing, taking action to make homes warmer is another.

North Wales, Merseyside & Northeast England have least affordable energy

There’s no consistent price for energy across the UK. Prices are still dependent on region – however, not always in the way we would expect. London has the highest average income rate at £21,446 per head, and has one of the lowest annual gas and electricity bills in the UK making it the area where energy is most affordable. This is in contrast to Merseyside and North Wales which have the highest bills and the least affordable energy in the UK. The North East of England comes 2nd in the unaffordability league with income per head lowest across this region and bills above average. The rest of Wales - Southern and Central Wales have the 3rd least affordable bills.

8.3% of a person’s average income in Merseyside & N. Wales spent on energy bills

The lowest possible bills are in the East Midlands and the biggest switching savings in Scotland.

Mark Todd, co-founder market price comparison site, energyhelpline commented:

“The statistics prove there is a big problem for consumers struggling with their bills and that there is a very unfair energy postcode lottery in operation. Where we most need low cost energy in poorer and colder Northern regions instead we get the highest prices. This undoubtedly leads to more cold homes in these areas and more associated issues such as ill health and excess winter deaths.”

“The North of England and Wales tend to have the least affordable energy bills. The South of England and Scotland the most affordable bills.”

“Another big problem is that there tends to be less switching in poorer areas where consumers often lack confidence to switch. With switching savings of £456 in one area there is a huge gulf between typical bills and what you can get if you shop around. You can get a really cheap price for energy in the UK but you need to take action to get it. The cheap deals won’t come to you – you need to go and get them.”

“Don’t be a victim of the energy price post code lottery.”

View the breakdown of energy unaffordability by UK regions here.

Created: 9th Feb 2016, Last Modified: 7th Dec 2018, Switchomatic

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