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Our mission at Ebico is to help those who are affected by fuel poverty.

Our mission at Ebico is to help those who are affected by fuel poverty.

To do this, we provide attractively priced plans designed for customers who find that their home energy costs are a major item of their household expenditure and who, therefore, need to budget prudently, either by being as efficient in energy use as possible, or through the use of a prepayment meter. Unlike other energy providers, Ebico is a Limited by Guarantee company and has no shareholders.

This means that we cannot use our financial surpluses for purposes other than pursuing our mission, which is to fight fuel poverty.

We achieve this by using the financial surpluses to support local, hands-on, projects in fuel-poor neighbourhoods across Britain via the Ebico Trust, a registered charity.

That is what we mean by Power for Purpose.

We are an established Oxfordshire based company that has been in business for over 16 years.

We provide energy to over 60,000 UK households who have found our social mission and market-leading customer services and value appealing. Our licensed supply partner is Robin Hood Energy who provides both our energy and the account management services.


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Available Tariffs

Ebico Prime Fixed 18
Launched 08 February 2018
Ebico Zero Green Fixed
Launched 27 July 2018
Ebico Evergreen 12 Fixed
Launched 26 July 2018
Ebico PrePay
Launched 26 July 2018
Ebico Evergreen
Launched 30 May 2018
Launched 02 August 2011
Launched 02 August 2011
Launched 02 August 2011
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