Engie - UK Utilities Supplier

Complete solutions for a sustainable future

ENGIE is a leading energy and services company focused on three key activities: production and supply of energy, facilities management and regeneration.

Our 17,000 employees combine these capabilities for the benefit of individuals, businesses and communities throughout the UK & Ireland.

We enable customers to embrace a lower carbon, more efficient and increasingly digital world. Our customers benefit from our energy efficient and smart building solutions, the provision of effective and innovative services, the transformation of neighbourhoods through regeneration projects, and the supply of reliable, flexible and renewable energy.

ENGIE improves lives through better living and working environments. We help to balance performance with responsibility, enabling progress in a harmonious way.

Globally, the ENGIE Group employs 150,000 people worldwide and achieved revenues of €66.6 billion in 2016.


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Available Tariffs

ENGIE Fixed June 2020
Launched 07 February 2018
ENGIE Fixed June 19 v7
Launched 14 February 2018
Green Fixed June 19 v3
Launched 06 February 2018
Fixed June 19 v6
Launched 06 February 2018
ENGIE Tracker Mar 19 v3
Launched 01 February 2018
ENGIE Fixed June 21 v7
Launched 07 August 2018
ENGIE Fixed June 20 v5
Launched 07 August 2018
Green Fixed June 20 v4
Launched 07 August 2018
ENGIE Control June 21
Launched 07 August 2018
ENGIE Fixed June 21 v4
Launched 29 May 2018
ENGIE Control Apr 20 v3
Launched 29 May 2018
Green Fixed June 19 v4
Launched 06 March 2018
ENGIE Fixed June 19 v8
Launched 06 March 2018
ENGIE Tracker June 19
Launched 05 March 2018
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