iSupplyEnergy - UK Utilities Supplier

Power your future with 100% renewable electricity

We are a gas and electricity supplier based in Bournemouth and thousands of new customers every month trust us to look after their energy. 

Whether it’s straightforward and low pricing or a customer portal to help you to manage your energy accounts online, we focus on simplicity, fair prices and great customer service. 

Quite simply, we want to help revolutionise the domestic energy market. Through simple and new products, technology, honesty and plain hard work, we want to help rebuild trust in an industry that is long overdue a change.

This means:

  • Our electricity is 100% renewable
  • No confusing discounts, cash back offers or complex incentive programmes – just simple, low and honest pricing.
  • Our customer online portal means that we can offer the best prices possible.
  • We provide high quality customer service using our online systems to help manage our customer's energy needs
  • If you need to speak to us on the phone, our friendly and knowledgeable advisers are available to help you from our UK based call centre in Bournemouth.

Now owned by Vattenfall, one of Europe’s biggest retailers of electricity and gas and one of the largest producers of electricity and heat, we offer our customers competitive pricing for gas and electricity on both credit and prepayment meters.

Offering 100% renewable electricity is part of our journey to help customers power their lives in ever climate-smarter ways.

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Available Tariffs

iFix 12-Month Jade Sep19v2
Launched 16 August 2018
iFix 24-Month Jade Sep20v2
Launched 16 August 2018
iFix 36-Month Jade Sep21
Launched 16 August 2018
iFix 12-Month Direct Sep19v2
Launched 16 August 2018
iFix 12-Month Jade Jul19
Launched 12 June 2018
iFix 12-Month Direct Jul19
Launched 12 June 2018
iFix 36-Month Jade Jun21
Launched 08 June 2018
iFix 24-Month Jade Jun20
Launched 08 June 2018
iFix 18-Month Sep19
Launched 23 February 2018
iFix 12-Month Mar19v4
Launched 23 February 2018
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