Ovo Energy - UK Utilities Supplier

It’s time to power your life differently

We’re more than just one of the UK’s largest independent energy suppliers.

We’re putting the long-term future of people and our planet before short-term profits, all while bringing you prices to keep your bills down, and unmatched service to keep your happiness levels up.

Join us today for power you can feel proud of.

Our story

When we launched in 2009, we set out to make energy cheaper, greener, and simpler. We brought great service, clear information, and honesty to a broken industry. These days our sights are set higher.

We believe that energy has the power to solve some of the world’s biggest, and most pressing problems – and we’re going to use it to do just that.

We’re blending natural energy with smart technology to bring you great service and renewable electricity, and your kids (and their kids) the future they deserve.


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Available Tariffs

2018-12-27 - Better Energy (all online)
Launched 27 December 2018
Better Energy (all online)
Launched 27 December 2018
Greener Energy (all online)
Launched 22 August 2018
Launched 17 August 2018
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