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Feel in control of your energy

With us, you’ll feel good about your household energy because we’re very straightforward to deal with too.

We want you to feel in control of your energy. We've worked really hard to make sure it's easy to understand your bills and manage your energy account.

We calculate bills every single month to help you stay up-to-date. So that your bills are accurate and you can stay on top of your energy costs, we will ask you to provide monthly meter readings.

Supplying regular readings means that you won’t be paying for energy you’ve not used.

It’s quick and easy to send your reading to us through your online account.

Great service, great savings

With simple tariffs and bills, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money. We keep our costs down - and where we save, you save.

For example, if you manage your account online, or pay by Direct Debit, you’ll get a nice discount.

Keeping it simple

One way we keep your bills low is by keeping everything simple. With us you'll get simple tariffs, simple bills and a simple online account to manage your energy.

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Available Tariffs

FixedFor 12 v6 Paperless Billing
Launched 31 January 2018
FixedFor 12 v6 Paper Billing
Launched 31 January 2018
Together - February 2019 - fixed 68
Launched 26 January 2018
Together January 2019- fixed 67 Paper Billing
Launched 22 January 2018
Together January 2019- fixed 67 Paperless Billing
Launched 22 January 2018
Together – August 2019 – fixed 77
Launched 17 August 2018
ClearFixed 12 v6
Launched 17 August 2018
FixedFor 12 v14
Launched 17 August 2018
Launched 17 August 2018
Together – July 2019 – fixed 75’
Launched 25 July 2018
Together - June 2019 - fixed E1
Launched 25 July 2018
Together - March 2019 - fixed 69
Launched 01 March 2018
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