Spark Energy - UK Utilities Supplier

Energy made simple

We work with the UK's top letting agents, so everything's ready when you move in. The lights will be on and the bathwater will be hot.

We give you competitive prices, which makes us the natural choice for tenants and a popular supplier with homeowners too.

Customer Promise

We know you would much rather spend time doing something fun instead of worrying about your energy supply. So we promise to look after it for you. We do all the leg work and make energy as simple as it should be.

Price Promise

Why pay over the odds for your energy?

When you move in with Spark, you’ll join our Move-in Saver tariff that’s cheaper than the Big Six average. We check the prices monthly to make sure they’re competitive, and if anything needs to change, we’ll fix it within 90 days. We’ll keep an eye on things, so you don’t have to, and we’ll always let you know if you can save.* Visit our Price Promise page for more about how it works.

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Available Tariffs

Comfort Saver April 2019
Launched 22 January 2018
Swift payg
Launched 17 January 2018
Digital Saver v1
Launched 27 July 2018
Move In Saver v7
Launched 27 July 2018
Simple Saver October 2019
Launched 18 July 2018
Move in Saver v5
Launched 08 June 2018
Launched 02 August 2011
Launched 02 August 2011
Direct Discount
Launched 02 August 2011
Online Discount
Launched 02 August 2011
Launched 02 August 2011
Standard Plus
Launched 02 August 2011
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